Now just close your eyes and fast forward

Mystic was performed at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer of 2013. The show was inspired by people throughout time who have claimed the ability to see the future and was comprised almost entirely of mentalism effects.




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People used to believe that dreams gave you an insight into the future. Some still do. For me, they’re a source of creativity, your mind conjures up all sorts of images when you’re asleep
There will always be people who claim to see the future. Nostradamus believed clues to the future, lay in the past

The song below was used during the performance of Mystic.

I foresee that accurate prediction will be part of our future. We’re currently using technology to make predictions about lots of things
mystic flyering.jpg
Mystic, Royal Mile.jpg
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Renz and some friends flyering (and sleeping on The Royal Mile). Tickets sales were exceptional for a Fringe debut.

Some believe we are helpless at the hands of fate. I believe we create our own destiny