Magic is in the eye of the beholder
— Renz
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Social media and video sharing sites like YouTube have played a large part in Renz's career. Click the link to the right to visit his channel.

The video below (RENZ: Christmas) of an apple transforming into a phone received 15 000 hits overnight. The video on its right (RENZ: Irn Bru) features Renz performing a close-up illusion made famous by TV Magicians, Dynamo and Criss Angel.

2012 Showreel and 'RENZ: Who is Poet of the Impossible' - a unique video made with several hundred old playing cards.

Below are promotional videos for Renz's shows - 'Poet of the Impossible' and 'Mystic', both of which had successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and elsewhere.